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Consultant Registry

The Global Road Safety Partnership, through its programmes and partnerships, plays an important and broad capacity building role in the field of global road safety. Together with industry partners and our global team, we work extensively with expert trainers and facilitators from all over the world to help deliver our workshops and training programmes, to which end, we maintain a registry of qualified individuals and/or organisations.

We seek trainers fluent in English and (one or more) Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian or Chinese, and in particular, those with demonstrated expertise in any of the following fields:

  • Traffic Enforcement (Policing)
  • Speed Management
  • Seat-belt and Child Restraint Wearing
  • Helmet Wearing
  • Drink Driving
  • Social Marketing
  • Road Safety Advocacy
  • Road Safety Management

To submit your details to our Consultant Registry, please complete the following form.

Given name, e.g. John
Family or surname, e.g. Smith
Incl. country code, e.g. +44 (0)123 456 789
Please specify the amount of notice required prior to deployment.

The Global Road Safety Partnership respects your privacy and will not sell, rent, or lend your personal data to anyone without your consent. See our privacy policy for more information.