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Steering & Executive Committees

The Global Road Safety Partnership Steering Committee comprises all members of the partnership. It meets annually to elect new Executive Committee members, formally approve accounts, and provide feedback and guidance on planned activities for the coming year.

The Steering Committee elects the Executive Committee from amongst the partners in each of the three subscribing sectors of membership. The Executive Committee elects a Chair and Vice-Chair from amongst its members to serve a two year term. The Executive Committee meets three times per annum.

The Executive Committee sets the overall policy of the programme, endorses new applications for partnership, approves the choice of focus countries, annual budgets and plans, and appoints the Chief Executive to lead the Secretariat.


Executive Committee Members

Organisation Name Role
ARRB Group Ltd. Peter Damen Non-corporate Representative
DFID  Elizabeth Jones Founder Member, Government Member Representative
International SOS Foundation Laurent Fourier Vice-Chair
Global Road Safety Partnership Barry Watson Secretary of the Committee
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Garry Conille Founder Member and Non-corporate Representative
Mexican Red Cross Fernando Suinaga Cardenas Co-opted member
Michelin Eric Le Corre Corporate Representative
Nestle Andrew Bradley Chair
Royal Dutch Shell Bernd Marx Corporate Representative
The World Bank Soames Job Founder Member and Multi-lateral and Bi-lateral member
Total Philippe Gabillet Corporate Representative
World Business Council for Sustainable Development - Cement Sustainability Initiative Philippe Fonta Non-corporate Representative
WHO Margie Peden Co-opted member