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'Roads Between Us' calls

The 'Roads Between Us' quarterly calls were launched following the inaugural 'Roads Between Us' conference held in 2012 in Ghana, organized by Nestlé, Zurich and Interactive Driving Systems, with support from Activa, the Fleet Forum and Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP). 

The conference explored what an effective work-related road risk management process looks like and discussed next steps for implementation within emerging markets. The inaugural event was followed in 2014 by another successful conference in Cameroon, and in 2016, Nestlé, Zurich Insurance, Virtual Risk Manager and the Global Road Safety Partnership held our third "Roads Between Us" road safety conference, this time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, over 2 interactive days on 4 and 5 October 2016.

The Roads Between Us calls are scheduled quarterly and are hosted by GRSP. The calls serve to keep like-minded parties connected, share good practice and build networks across industries and across sectors. The calls are joined by representatives from private sector, government, road safety NGOs, research institutions and other organizations or individuals with a passion for road safety.

Each call has a primary theme which has been selected from suggestions given by the particpants to the calls. A few select experts are invited to present good practice, innovation and case studies around the theme. There is then time for questions, comments and suggestions from the participants. 

2016 Calendar

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