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EuroMed Road Safety programme in MENA closes with a final seminar and workshop in Brussels

29 December 2014

Back in May 2012, the first EuroMed Road Safety Regional Workshop was conducted in Brussels, Belgium. During December 2014, the project partners again convened in the Belgian capital for the final workshop to conclude the 3 year EU funded programme managed by the Global Road Safety Partnership.

The delegates from the beneficiary countries met with the GRSP MENA team and a panel of GRSP experts over two intense days.

Day one was dedicated to the presentation of the status of the pilot projects in the beneficiary countries, after which delegates would discuss with GRSP experts their

Ramadan: an occasion of coming together for road safety

5 August 2014


Ramadan is a special month for Muslims around the world during which sunset each day marks the observance of Iftar. Iftar is the evening meal, when traditionally, families and communities come together to break their daily fasting ritual. In recent years, Ramadan, per the Islamic calendar, has been occurring in the northern summer which sees extended hours between sunrise and sunset, and with that, extended fasting periods.

This can represent some unique challenges on the roads coupling a ‘rush hour’ immediately before the Iftar (during which speed is an all too common

'We got together so that no road separates you'

16 May 2014

Beirut, Lebanon May 16, 2014

GRSP MENA office, as part of the EuroMed Road Safety Prorgamme, proudly announces the launch of the first distinctive, multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary road safety pilot project in Lebanon.

In an effort to promote road safety, a campaign under the title of 'We got together so that no road can separate you' was launched at the headquarters of the Internal Security Forces in Achrafieh.

Road crash fatalities on the decrease in Iran

26 February 2014

February 18 and 19 saw the convening of the 3rd International Road Safety Congress at the Shefa Neuroscience Research Centre in Tehran, Iran.

The road safety situation in Iran is poor, with road crashes serving as the second highest cause of death in the country. The high death tolls are blamed on excessive speed, unsafe vehicles, widespread disregard of traffic laws and inadequate emergency services, however progressive actions from road safety actors and the Road Traffic Police as reported at the congress are making an impact.

'We have managed to reduce casualties during the past years,

GRSP Members get involved in the 29th United Traffic Week in the Gulf

26 April 2013

It has been an annual event since 1984, and this year, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) United Traffic Week was held under the slogan, 'Your safety is our aim'.

From Saudi Arabia to Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and reaching to the Sultanate of Oman and the UAE, activities promoting safe driving behaviour were held involving all segments of society, asserting once again the power of multi-sectoral partnerships.

EU MENA programme kicks off its second phase: Tunisia pilot project gets moving

27 February 2013

As the EU MENA programme enters its second year, beneficiary countries are finalizing action plans for multi-sector and multi-disciplinary road safety pilot projects under the supervision of GRSP experts.

Tunisia is one of the beneficiary countries, the planned activity for which is entitled ‘Design and Establishment of a Road Safety Management System for SORETRAS’ (Sfax Governorate Regional Transport Company).

SORETRAS is the largest public transport company in the country and records the highest number of road crashes, injuries and deaths.

GRSP attends the ‘Second Razavi International Congress on Road Safety’ in Iran

26 February 2013

On February 13 and 14, 2013, road safety specialists from Iran, Germany, UK, Italy, Lebanon, Turkey, India and Australia, amongst others, met for the 'Second Razavi International Congress on Road Safety' in the city of Mashhad, Iran.

In collaboration with WHO – EMRO, the event was organized by the Razavi Hospital, one of the country's most respected scientific institutions. The objective of the congress, as stated by Dr.

‘Addressing the Safety of Vulnerable Road Users’ Workshop, 12-13 March

21 February 2013

‘Addressing the Safety of Vulnerable Road Users’ Workshop
March 12 – 13, 2013, Brussels, Belgium

Pursuant to the activities held within the framework of our EU financed project, 'EuroMed Transport: Support to the MENA Road Safety Programme',  the Global Road Safety Partnership for the Middle East and North Africa (GRSP MENA) has the pleasure to announce its third regional workshop for this project entitled ‘Addressing the Safety of Vulnerable Road Users’.

The event will take place in Brussels, Belgium on 12 – 13 March 2013. The beneficiary countries (Lebanon, Palestinian Authority, Morocco,

'Road Safety Management Master' kicks off with unique seminar in Lebanon

27 September 2012

Upon the invitation of Renault Foundation and Saint Joseph University, students, professors, traffic police officials and NGO representatives attended a unique seminar on Road Safety in Beirut on September 13 and 14, 2012. The seminar, held at the university, heralded the commencement of the Renault Foundation-sponsored 'Road Safety Management Master' for its inaugural academic year.

Speaking at the two day event, which was designed to give attendees and students an insight into elements of the Masters course, GRSP Vice Chairman and Road Safety Expert Leader at Renault, Jean-Yves le Coz

Arab World marks the holy month of Ramadan with increased traffic safety measures

10 August 2012

Throughout the Arab and Muslim world during the holy month of Ramadan, sunset each day marks the observance of Iftar. Iftar is the evening meal when Muslims break their fast, and traditionally, families and communities will gather together to celebrate.

Unfortunately, Ramadan is also a period each year which sees an increase in road crashes, deaths and injuries, and the majority of these road incidents take place immediately before, or during the Iftar meal.

Traffic policing departments across the MENA region report the same behaviours:

  • increases in traffic congestion and rule violations

Boosting partnership in Morocco

28 June 2012

In March of this year, the Global Road Safety Partnership set foot in Morocco. May 2012 was the official kick-off, paving the way for the implementation of the Global Road Safety Initiative (GRSI) in the cities of Tangier and Mohamedia (Casablanca), thanks to the support of Renault and Total.

What exactly is being implemented in these two cities? Something called the Proactive Partnership Strategy (PPS). The enormous success of the PPS in Brazil has encouraged partners to replicate it in other parts of the world - including Morocco.

Samar Abouraad, GRSP Regional Manager for the Middle East

Hikayat Simsim Spreading Road Safety Awareness

27 June 2012

“Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand” Said Khalil Gibran. And Hikayat Simsim, through its beloved local characters, involves children and families in the importance of education and the love for lifelong learning by making them a part of their educational process so they can become strong adults; all through fun media entertainment.

Hikayat Simsim which reaches out to children throughout Jordan is funded by The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and supported by a partnership with Bank of Jordan and is the co-production

With EU support, GRSP tackles Road Safety Management in the MENA Region

27 June 2012

From 22-23 May, officials from the Ministry of Transport, road safety authorities, and road safety practitioners gathered from southern Mediterranean countries in Brussels for a workshop, with the objective of discussing road safety management in their respective countries. An unprecedented meeting for partners in the region, the workshop, titled, "Road Safety Management", is the first in a series of activities that will be carried out by GRSP MENA under the framework of its EU-funded project, "EuroMed Transport: Support to the MENA Road Safety Programme". The activities of the programme will

"Until When" - the Arab world marks its traffic week

25 June 2012

From Yemen and the UAE to Lebanon and Tunisia, Arab Traffic Week was celebrated throughout the MENA region starting 4 May to 10, 2012. This year’s slogan, "Until When", reflected the commitment of Arab leaders to improve road safety throughout a region that continues to suffer dramatic consequences on the roads, despite concerted efforts.

Arab Traffic Week is one of the most important events held by traffic departments in Arab countries. It was initiated in 2000 by the Arab Interior Ministers Council (AIMC) and has since become an annual tradition.

Marking the event this year, Mohamed bin

Famous road deaths: from Brazil to the UAE

30 May 2012

“It’s better to crash into a nap, than to nap into a crash,” is a famous saying. Yet unfortunately, it does not always happen this way. Every day, thousands of people lose their lives on the roads. While many of the victims are members of our community, there are also a large number of victims who are renowned artists, writers, actors, athletes or politicians.  

The impact of these road deaths can reverberate throughout an entire society. Great talent that contributes to advances in science, sports or the arts, is lost permanently, and unnecessarily.