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Nearly 3,500 people die on the road every day. The Global Road Safety Partnership brings together governments, civil society and businesses to address this humanitarian crisis. Join Us!

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India NGO Awards celebrate SaveLIFE Foundation

31 July 2014

SaveLIFE Foundation, a grantee of the Bloomberg Philanthropies funded Road Safety Grants Programme, has been declared the best non-profit organization in India (2013-14) at the Indian NGO Awards.

The India NGO Awards is a unique, national competition that aims to celebrate and reward leading non-governmental and non-profit organizations. The awards were instituted in 2006 to recognize those organizations that have demonstrated best practices and impact in the communities they serve.

From 400 nominated organizations, SaveLIFE Foundation was judged the most outstanding after an evaluation

Improving road safety for children in African cities

5 August 2014

The facts are as compelling as they are alarming. Road traffic injury is the leading cause of death among those aged 15 to19, and the second leading cause of death for those aged 5 to 14. In addition to death, tens of millions of children each year require hospital care for non-fatal injuries as a result of road crashes, many of whom are left with some form of disability, often with life-long consequences. Sadly too, the Africa region is over-represented in all categories of road crash death and injury statistics.

To look at regional and global best practice in addressing this crisis, the