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World Day of Remembrance of Road Traffic Victims, November 15

12 November 2015
As reported here recently, the 2015 Global Status Report on Road Safety has just been published and the data shows that whilst there are some positive signs, much more must be done to create a downturn in the 1.25 million people who are killed each year in road crashes.
With such confronting figures guiding our work, it is important that we never lose sight of the fact that with every number, there are many lives that have been forever changed.

Just Published: Global status report on road safety 2015

19 October 2015

The World Health Organization released today the Global status report on road safety 2015, reflecting information from 180 countries. This report, the 'go to' source of global road crash data and the measure of the Decade of Action for Global Road Safety 2011-2020, indicates that whilst worldwide the total number of road traffic deaths has plateaued at 1.25 million per year, we are still not seeing the progress needed to meet the goals of the Decade. The report again shows that the highest road traffic fatality rates are in low-income countries.

In the last three years, 17 countries have

Russian Red Cross garnering support for international child restraint standards

22 September 2015

This year, Russian Red Cross (RRC), a grantee of the GRSP Global Advocacy and Grants Programme, has made significant progress in their efforts with the Russian government to strengthen child restraint regulations and in the Russian Federation.  

In April, the Presidential Human Rights Committee (HRC) became a key supporter of the RRC’s work, publishing an open letter on their website from the RRC to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The open letter called on the Ministry to domesticate technical regulations on child restraints approved by the Eurasian Customs Union.