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Motorcycle Lanes

Motorcyclists contribute to many road fatal road crashes. In some Asian countries they count up to 80-90%. The numbers are increasing in Africa too. Head injuries are the main cause of death. The safety of powered two wheelers is complex. Motor cycle riders have often high-risk thresholds and limited training. With heavier machines and higher speeds, they may present a danger to others as well. Often problems stem from human error resulting in a conflict either by the rider or another driver, or there is just not enough time for the rider/driver to avoid the collision whatever the level of skill. One effective technique to tackle the problem is to separate the motorcyclists from the other motorized traffic.

In Malaysia, motorcyclist contributes to almost 60% or the fatal accidents. A pilot project introducing exclusive motorcycle lanes showed reductions up to 39% in the number of crashes. Analysis suggests that the benefit to cost ratio for providing an exclusive motorcycle lanes ranges from about 3 to 5 depending on the estimates of cost used. A recent study also by Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (Miros) has shown that 3.80 meters is the safe control width in Malaysia to ensure that the lane is safe for all motorcycle riders and comfortable to do overtaking maneuvers. Though the crash numbers has decreased, crashes still happen (motorcycle-motorcycle) and new studies are focusing on guard rails and road markings to lower the number of injuries even further. Because of the overall good results motorcycle lanes continues to be implemented in Malaysia. Please visit Miros to learn more about the research studies, to download the research reports or to access the Road Safety Plan of Malaysia (2006-2010).