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Join our dynamic, effective global team

Whether you come from the private sector, from government or from civil society, the Global Road Safety Partnership offers you a trusted platform for making a difference in road safety. Benefits include:

  • Focus: The Global Road Safety Partnership is dedicated to reducing road crash injury and death in low- and middle-income countries.
  • Performance: The Global Road Safety Partnership has a reputation for delivering demonstrable results and a track record for the implementation of good practice.
  • Capacity: The Global Road Safety Partnership’s global team of experts and extensive network of experienced partners constantly improve the capacity of other road safety practitioners.
  • Reputation: When you join the Global Road Safety Partnership, you’re part of a world-class global network of business, government and civil society leaders who can help your organization make a concrete difference and get the most from your contribution.
  • Leverage: Your contribution and involvement are matched by the expertise, energies and resources of other partners who will complement your efforts.
  • Sustainability: The Global Road Safety Partnership’s partnership approach focuses on long-term, multi-sector programmes that will be nourished by in-country partners who have an interest in their long-term success.

The Global Road Safety Partnership is a voluntary association of members who share a common interest in road safety and are committed to improving it by makng a contribution to our partnership work. The partnership is based on the core principles of transparency, sustainable development, and mutual benefit. All partners accept a responsibility for supporting the programme and acknowledge the contributions made by the other members. The partnership includes a wide range of members, defined in the Global Road Safety Partnership constitution. Our existing members approve and comment on the applications of potential new members. If your organisation is interested to join us, please contact us using the form below and we will follow up with you.

There are two principal categories of member, Voting Membersand Non-voting Members.

Voting Members

All types of voting members must be invited to join the partnership by the Executive Committee.

We have the following types of voting partners:

Corporate Members

Corporate Members who each pay an annual cash subscription of at least CHF 75,000. They may also share the cost of our staff, for example by secondment.

Non-profit Members

Non-profit members who each pay an annual cash subscription of at least CHF 15,000. These partners consist of "not for profit" organisations (e.g., research organisations and trade associations).

Multilateral and Bilateral Members

Multilateral and bilateral members who each pay an annual cash subscription of CHF 75,000 or provide substantial support to the Partnership programme of equivalent value in other ways (e.g., by way of grants, staff secondments, or hosting arrangements). These include government departments whose remit permits them to participate in international programmes. The Executive Committee will decide on a case by case basis which organisations not making a cash contribution fall into this category by providing ‘substantial support’ in other ways.

Becoming a Member

If your organisation is interested in becoming a member, please email us here.