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Road Safety Champion - Siaka K. Dibba

12 February 2011

Siaka K. Dibba is kicking off 2011 as the Global Road Safety Partnership's "Road Safety Champion" of the month. Siaka recently won the "World's Crossing Campaign" video competition (read 'Crossing the World's Roads' for more information on the competition). The Global Road Safety Partnership caught up with Siaka to ask him about the recent events:

Q. How you feel about winning the World's Crossing Campaign competition?

Siaka: It is such a wonderful feeling to win this award.

Crossing roads around the world, one film at a time

3 February 2011

The Gambia is a country situated in West Africa, well known for its music and the impact it has made on the world of football. But this year, The Gambia became known for another reason thanks to Siaka K. Dibba. Siaka recently won a competition hosted by Youth for Road Safety, a new non-governmental organisation focused on road safety and led by youth in more than 40 countries around the world.

Launched in January 2010, Youth for Road Safety has successfully tapped into the energetic resources of the world's youth, who are not only the most vulnerable road users - with over 1000 youth dying

More rewards for speeding than not: Addressing road safety in Kenya

13 January 2011

When the Road Safety in 10 Countries team went to Nairobi this past December, they discovered more than just a bustling metropolitan city. Working closely with the Kenya Red Cross, they carried out a workshop - focusing on helmet wearing and speeding - which revealed some new approaches as well as interesting challenges to road safety.

The key strengths of the Kenya Red Cross - specifically their access to local communities and well-established reputation - were central in bringing together over 40 participants from the Ministries of Health, Transport, Public Health, as well as surgeons,