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United Nations Road Safety Collaboration

In April 2004, the United Nations General Assembly invited the World Health Organisation (WHO), working in close cooperation with the United Nations regional commissions, to act as coordinator on road safety issues across the United Nations system. WHO subsequently set up the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration (UNRSC) which holds biannual meetings to discuss global road safety issues.

The Collaboration members are committed to increasing road safety efforts and in particular to the implementation of the recommendations of the World Report on Road Traffic Injury Prevention. The goal of the Collaboration is to facilitate international cooperation and to strengthen global and regional coordination for road safety.

We as Global Road Safety Partnership contribute to the UNRSC in several areas:

  • We have been one of four organisations that collaborated to produce the "Global Good Practice Manuals" on Helmets, Seat Belts and Child Restraints, Drinking and Driving, Speed Management, and Data Management. We chair the "Good Practice" committee of the UNRSC.
  • Together with many partners, we have helped create the Global Road Safety Commitment, a simple, one page document aimed at helping organisations start on a journey towards zero road crash death and injury.
  • We have contributed to the development of the global plan for the Decade of Action, a guiding document that is helping to create a consistent approach to managing road safety.
  • In our role as the Reference Centre for Road Safety for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, we help bring the voice of the world's largest humanitarian organisation to address road safety issues, particularly by developing the formal auxiliary role to public agencies that the Red Cross Red Crescent societies have in their countries.

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