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Decade of Action

The Decade of Action for Road Safety:
The chance of a lifetime

10 years.
It’s not a lot of time.
And we know how quickly it can pass.
Yet it is amazing what can be achieved in such a short period.

An infant can grow to become a sixth-grade student, capable of creating imaginative paintings, writing fantastic stories, learning new languages, calculating sums or performing great feats of athleticism — and walking him or herself to school. In another ten years, that child could be finishing school, joining the workforce, starting a new business, volunteering in the community and supporting the next generation of learners — and driving a motorcycle, car or heavy truck. In coming decades, he or she might raise a family, become a community leader, a business owner, a teacher, a worker — an elder capable of providing economic security and support for the upcoming generations.

For those of us who have been touched personally by the road safety crisis, we know that in a few seconds time, the achievement of decades — and the possibilities for future decades — can be erased, sending waves of loss through communities, businesses, schools and families. Yet we also have a choice to take preventative measures for protection, and as we move quickly into the Decade of Action for Road Safety, the question we now face is:

What will you do in the next ten years to ensure that all the people you care about can move freely and safely, so they thrive and make positive contributions to your community?


Bringing road safety to the next level

The goal for the Decade of Action for Road Safety is to stabilize and then reduce by 50% the level of road traffic fatalities around the world.

How do we achieve this goal? Through partnership — as outlined in the United Nations Resolution that enacted the Decade of Action. It calls on the world to use partnership as a basis for uniting road safety interventions in 5 specific areas:

  1. Improving road safety management
  2. Safer roads
  3. Safer vehicles
  4. Safer road users
  5. Improving post crash care

Since its inception, we have focused on facilitating partnerships that connect each of these five pillars. The Partnership has created and improved road safety management systems, encouraged better road user behaviour and helped partners implement good practices globally. We have the capacity to translate the Decade goals into on-the-ground, measurable results.

The role of partnership

When the 64th General Assembly of the United Nations passed a resolution in May 2010 proclaiming 2011-2020 the Decade of Action for Road Safety, it recognized the crucial role that multi-sector partnerships play in implementing Decade of Action goals on the ground.

The Global Road Safety Partnership’s expertise in delivering partnership-based road safety interventions means that we will play a key role in helping diverse partners achieve their own Decade of Action goals. As one of the key organizations in the United Nations Global Road Safety Collaboration, we helped lay the foundation for the Decade of Action. The Partnership contributed even more by working with members at the global and community level, identifying partners, designing campaigns, implementing interventions, and developing systems for measuring the results.

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