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Africa is home to a mere 4%* of the world’s registered motor vehicles, yet globally the continent experiences the highest rate of road traffic fatalities. Of those killed annually in traffic crashes, 43%* are car occupants (drivers and passengers).

Consequently, our work across the region focuses on awareness raising and educational interventions around identified key risk factors, such as seat-belts, speed, and drinking and driving.

Our achievements to date include:

  • Improving road safety in Nigeria through the installation of new road signs, markings and crossings
  • Advocating to strengthen school transport safety standards in Kenya and reduce speed around schools
  • Leading ‘Safe Roads 4 Youth’ programme in South Africa, which has provided actionable insights into effective approaches to drink-driving prevention

Taking momentum from our successes, we continue to work collaboratively and to strengthen local partnerships, addressing risky road behaviour and building a stronger culture of road safety across Africa.

Ethiopia Ghana Kenya Nigeria
South Africa Tanzania Zambia  

Road safety initiatives have made impressive progress in recent years. With strong partnerships and community involvement, it continues to grow.

- Pieter Venter, Global Road Safety Partnership Regional Coordinator for Africa