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The Americas region has the second lowest rate of road traffic fatalities worldwide, with 16.1* deaths per 100,000 habitants – under the global average of 18* deaths per population of 100,000 people.

Over the past ten years, our work in the Americas has largely focused on the landmark road safety process, the Proactive Partnership Strategy (PPS) and in developing a replicable enforcement 'Train the Trainer' programme. The strategy was first launched in Brazil and has since demonstrated (and continues) to be effective at reducing road crash death and serious injury.

Some of the highlights of our achievements include:

  • Securing the adoption of the PPS across Brazil, for implementation in all 27 state capital cities
  • Ensuring more than 6,500 police in Mexico are trained in the safe efficient set-up of alcohol checkpoints and seat-belt wearing enforcement
  • Delivering Train the Trainer workshops in Brazil, with more than 1,300 road safety stakeholders in attendance

The Proactive Partnership Strategy has proven to be one of the most successful community-driven processes for addressing road safety and is now in effect in a number of cities across three continents.

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When we started, we already had a consolidated structure on road safety. But the Global Road Safety Partnership introduced us to a more comprehensive fatal and serious injury data system – a new management tool for us that ensures a wider scope, and better results.

- José Carlos de Almedia, from Sorocaba