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Europe and Central Asia

Europe and Central Asia is a region of disparity. While a number of western European countries enjoy the lowest road crash fatality rates anywhere in the world, many of the fast developing but poorer economies suffer some of the highest fatality rates amid rapid increases in motorisation.

Despite many notable improvements in vehicle safety, drink-driving and speed continue to be critical contributing factors in road traffic crashes. As a consequence, our work in the region is focused on addressing these road safety risks and others, such as seat-belts and child restraints.

Highlights of our progress in the region include:

  • Drafting and delivering a report on pedestrian safety to the Russian government and recommendations for improving the situation
  • Establishing a working group of local NGOs in Turkey, supporting efforts to pass draft legislative amendments to road safety
  • Assisting the implementation of a number of effective local projects, resulting in a decrease in alcohol related crashes in Poland and an increase in seat-belt wearing in Hungary

Our ongoing activities in Europe and Central Asia continue to demonstrate one of our key strengths – an ability to facilitate multi-sector, partnership-based solutions that have already delivered an attributable reduction in deaths and serious injuries resulting from road traffic crashes.

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The Global Road Safety Partnership experience outside of Europe is of particular interest for us – it helps find new ways and solutions in our own country.

- Balazs Tokar, president of GRSP Hungary