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Middle East / North Africa


Globally, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have the second highest road fatality rate, with 21.3* deaths per population of 100,000. Although authorities and some national organisations have taken targeted action towards increasing road safety, for example adopting national speed limits, many strategies are poorly enforced.

Through promoting collaboration, building the capacity for road safety and supporting the implementation of good practice interventions, the GRSP regional team are addressing such risks factors as seat-belts and speed.

Progress to date has delivered many achievements, including:

  • Launching the GRSP city-based vulnerable user project in Morocco and holding the first ever series of cross-sectoral workshops
  • Utilising GRSP recommendations in Lebanon to develop an enforcement strategy
  • Delivering the ‘EuroMed Transport: Support to the MENA Road Safety Programme’, providing capacity building and technical assistance to road safety officials in key countries
Algeria Iraq Israel      Jordan Lebanon Morocco
Oman Palestine Authority Qatar Saudi Arabia Tunisia  

For a long time road safety has been addressed vertically in this region - meaning that it has been tackled by governments alone.  A new approach for road safety in needed, one that promotes partnerships and brings together all stakeholders. The MENA Road Safety Partnership brings in this new dimension. Getting all sectors involved through building partners is a breakthrough and can improve road safety dramatically.
- Ibrahim Osman, Director of MENA Zone, International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies